Who We Are

GRA interactive is the Web services division of Guy • Rome and Associates, Inc., an advertising and design agency located in Boise, Idaho.

Although we have a lot to say about our years of design experience, work ethic and accomplishments, we’ll refrain from writing a novel that you won’t read anyway. The short story is we’re a team of professionals that are passionate about producing great work. Yeah, we know it sounds corny. But it’s true. We really love what we do, and we think our work speaks for itself.

Who We Are Not

Though it may be popular today, we are not:

  • a reseller of proprietary, out-of-the-box solutions.
  • a project management company who outsources every component of development.

We’re also not a mega agency. We decided long ago that “less” really is “more.” And that suits our clients just fine—can you say “big fish in a small pond?”

If you like what you see, then let’s get together. Call or – we’ll make you a latte and tell you everything you want to know about us.